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Unlocking the secrets of rare cells

MiCareo is pushing beyond the limits of current liquid biopsy technologies by providing high purity isolated live rare cells and automated multiplexed fluorescence imaging. We are building technologies to accelerate the way pharmaceutical companies monitor drug response & screen for drug effectiveness, and giving researchers the tools to find new correlations in biomarker expression using fully quantitative visual subtyping of each cell.


Circulating rare cells give information that is complementary and distinct from other diagnostic information. Consistently capturing and analyzing isolated live rare cells can allow for non-invasive real-time monitoring of the inner workings of our body. Applications include enumeration of CTCs with 7 biomarkers, high purity isolation of cells for single cell sequencing, immune cell subtyping, and more.

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The MiSelect R and R II Systems

The MiSelect R and R II Systems were developed by researchers for researchers. Many liquid biopsy solutions are aimed at just one part of the sample analysis process, and do not fulfill the needs of drug development, clinical, and research laboratories.  The MiSelect Systems can be placed anywhere and used by anyone with just a few hours of training. They provides consistent access to the raw materials (rare cells, CTCs, immune cells) necessary for medical researchers and drug developers to perform groundbreaking single-cell downstream analysis.

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Our Technology

We have spent over a decade innovating tools that can consistently capture, image, and deliver, living rare cells for downstream analysis. The best of microfluidic design, laser sorting, and fluorescence imaging technology is integrated into our fully automated rare cell system. What truly sets MiCareo apart is our combination of unique technologies to minimize sample preparation and preserve cell integrity in an automated instrument.

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Quick Notes

Rapid mutations within SARS-CoV-2 are driving immune escape, highlighting the need for in-depth and routine analysis of memory B cells (MBCs) to complement the important but limited information from neutralizing antibody (nAb) studies. In this study, we collected plasma samples and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from 35 subjects and studied the nAb titers and the number of antigen-specific memory B cells at designated time points before and after vaccination. We developed an assay to use the MiSelect R II System with a single-use microfluidic chip to directly detect the number of spike-receptor-binding domain (RBD)-specific MBCs in PBMCs. Our results show that the number of spike-RBD-specific MBCs detected by the MiSelect R II System is highly correlated with the level of nAbs secreted by stimulated PBMCs, even 6 months after vaccination when nAbs were generally not present in plasma. We also found antigen-specific cells recognizing Omicron spike-RBD were present in PBMCs from booster vaccination of subjects, but with a high variability in the number of B cells. The MiSelect R II System provided a direct, automated, and quantitative method to isolate and analyze subsets of rare cells for tracking cellular immunity in the context of a rapidly mutating virus.

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