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Automated Single-Cell Liquid Biopsy

Rare Cell Diagnostics

MiCareo’s technology is founded on research started in 2005. More than a decade of R&D has gone into understanding what researchers and drug development professionals need to usher in the next era of precision medicine.  The result of this worthy endeavor is the MiSelect R platform. MiCareo goes one step beyond the competition in using Liquid biopsy to detect and identify important information in blood.

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We capture, stain, and acquire fluorescent multiplexed high-dimensional images of rare cells


Starting from whole blood

Down to a single live cell


Whole Blood

Choose our validated sorting reagents or your own cocktail

Choose a

marker panel

Select and load the

imaging biomarker

Let it


From enrichment to

imaging in one afternoon

View the


Watch your screen light up with a panel of target cells

Work made simple

Characterize the target cells with 7 markers or run an expanded Boost panel for up to 13 markers

MiSelect offers more than great results, they are reproducible and fast.


When it comes to patient selection or biomarker discovery, consistent and rapid results are of the utmost importance.

The MiSelect R and R II achieve 90% cell recovery with less than 10% variation.  Best of all, users can confidently expect these results independent of operator experience.

Furthermore, results this important should not take days, or even weeks, to get back from a central lab. Process two samples of whole blood with only 10 minutes of hands on prep, and complete the automated imaging of rare target cells within a few hours, all in your own lab.

MiSelect R II Platform

This all-in-one device houses a fully automated process from cell selection, to antibody labeling, to fluorescence imaging, which ensures that sample loss is minimized and results are reproducible. Our gentle process and integrated instrument give consistent access to isolated live rare cells such as CTCs, and immune cells.


The MiSelect is compact enough for the corner of your workstation, making it a great fit for any lab, big or small

SelectChip Dual

The SelectChip Dual is a single use microfluidic cartridge for isolating and imaging rare target cells from whole blood using 7 wavelengths.  The SelectChip does not cause cell shear stress or capacitance issues normally associated with size based separation techniques.

» 16 mL of blood can be processed with a single chip (two 8 ml samples)

» Dual channels for processing two samples at the same time

» 5 micron filter gap and slow fluid flow captures even the smallest CTCs

» Made of PDMS, glass, and a protective plastic case

SelectChip Retrieval

SelectChip Retrieval is a single use microfluidic cartridge designed to enrich rare cells and output them into a small volume in a microcentrifuge tube. The SelectChip Retrieval chip sorts whole blood with high purity, allowing for direct coupling to many downstream analysis methods.

» Excellent recovery and high purity enrichment of live rare cells

» Completely disposable fluid path prevents contamination

» Gentle processing and low shear stress maintain the integrity of the cells

» Sort cells from 8 mL of blood in under two hours


MiCareo has design several reagent kits for isolating CTCs and other rare cells for specific use with the MiSelect R platform. Use our validated SelectKit combination kits to sort and identify target cells, or pick individual SelectSort and SelectProbe reagents to target your cells of interest.

CTC isolation reagents

» SelectSort EpCAM

» SelectSort EGFR

CTC isolation & identification kits

» SelectKit CTC
» SelectKit CTC Plus HER2

» SelectKit CTC Plus PD-L1

Immune cell reagents

» SelectKit Immuno PD1
» SelectKit Immuno CTLA-4

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