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Lighting the way

for precision medicine

MiCareo believes in a future where medicine can offer the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. To get us to that future, we must find crucial information that is hidden away deep inside rare cells that circulate in our body. Our mission is to unlock the secrets of these rare cells and offer a way forward for research and drug development in the pursuit of precision medicine. We invite you to join us towards these goals.

What we have accomplished

  • 2005 - Began preliminary work on isolating rare cells

  • 2008 - Developed the eDAR rare cell sorting technology

  • 2011 - Founding of MiCareo Inc

  • 2013 - First clinical patient sample run on MiSelect Alpha

  • 2015 - SelectChip Dual for enrichment, staining and imaging

  • 2017 - MiSelect R finalized and analytically validated

  • 2017 - Processed our 500th clinical patient sample

  • 2017 - GMP certification for microfluidic chip manufacturing

  • 2018 - Commercial launch of the MiSelect R

  • 2018 - Processed our 3,000th clinical patient sample

  • 2019 - Commercial launch of the SelectChip Retrieval

  • 2019 - Opened our North American Collaboration Center

Meet the Team

Dr. Hong-Jen Chang

Chairman of the board

Dr. Perry Schiro



Dr. Jui-Lin Chen


Dr. Daniel Chiu


Dr. Chen, the CEO, has spent many years in the biotech industry, including seven years as a project manager and assistant VP for a biotech venture capital firm. He also has seven years of experience as a project leader, and the general manager for several startup biotech companies. Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the University of North Texas.

Dr. Chang has extensive experience in health care, including 16 years of service in Taiwan's Department of Health, as Deputy Minister, President & CEO of Bureau of National Health Insurance, and the Director General of Center of Disease Control. He is also the Chairman and CEO of YFY Biotech Management Company and President & CEO of Taiwan Global BioFund.

Dr. Schiro is the co-founder and CTO of MiCareo and holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Washington. He obtained a B.A. in Physics from Pomona College and a certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington Foster School of Business. He has 17 years of experience designing optics and microfluidics for biological applications. 

Dr. Chiu is the co-founder of MiCareo and the A. Bruce Montgomery Professor of Chemistry, Endowed Professor of Analytical Chemistry, and Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, Seattle. He is a member the Cancer Consortium at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and has published more than 200 peer reviewed papers.


Associate Director

Henry Wang

Clinical Research

Aifaye Huang

General Administration Manager

Jeff Yu

R&D and Manufacturing Associate Director

Ju-Yu Tseng

Get to know us

MiCareo is a venture capital backed startup based in the Neihu Technology Park neighborhood of Taipei.  We have over 15,000 square feet (1400 Square Meters) of lab and office space, including our Class 10,000 cGMP certified microfluidic chip manufacturing space.

Our expertise lies in our people. We've brought together the skills needed for microfluidics, optics, engineering, software, biology, clinical practice, and regulatory approval.

Our name comes from our focus on individual patient care: "My-Care". We believe that each person is unique and will benefit from expanded knowledge, based on their dynamic  and changing body chemistry.

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